A Standard General Practice Consultation is designed to allow time for the management of a single medical problem acute or chronic. One patient and one problem per appointment

Each GP has a different appointment template design that works best for them to provide medical care and stay on time. Doctors Binnie and Jacob have ten minute appointments and Dr Russell has fifteen minute appointments.

We appreciate that not all problems can be completely managed in a single appointment and there are times when an extended consult is necessary, for example;

Full Skin Checks                                                         A full medical including Insurance                                Care Plans


                                      ONLINE APPOINTMENT BOOKING NOW AVAILABLE

Appointments can be booked through our website,  The first time you use the service you will have to register, our receptionist can assist you with the registration at the front desk.

If you or your child has an acute medical problem and there are no visible appointments online, please phone reception as we do have acute on the day appointments available.

After hours

When you phone our number after the surgery has closed and before 8am your call will be answered on behalf of Northwood Medical Centre by a registered nurse. The nurse will assess your needs, offer advice, or refer you to an after- hours service. They cannot take messages or make appointments.

Test results

If your test results are within the normal range and the Doctor has marked them as being normal we do not routinely notify you.

We will contact patients regarding significant or clinically abnormal results by, phone, text message or letter. Your Doctor may need to see you to discuss the results.

If your results come back normal but your symptoms persist and you have concerns about your health please make a Doctor’s appointment or phone to speak to a nurse.


If you need to discuss issues of a confidential nature please speak to a receptionist and we can provide more privacy.  Northwood Medical centre is committed to meeting our obligations under the Health Information Privacy Code to protect the privacy of your health information. We have developed a policy which guides all the staff in the way we collect store and disclose your health information. We have appointed a Privacy officer – Brooke


We welcome comments or suggestions about the service we provide

All staff at the Northwood Medical Centre are committed to offering the best possible care for our patients but, we are aware from time to time that a patient may become dissatisfied with the care that we offer and we encourage patients to let us know if this happens. This can be done by phoning the practice and letting the practice manager know of any problems or for a more serious concern a complaint may be made. Our complaints policy is available on request.

If a patient, their family members or whanau are unhappy with the clinical or administration service of this practice, a complaint may be made in one of the following ways:

Within the practice, by asking for the Practice Manager, who will discuss the concern with the complainant(s) and determine how they wish the complaint to be considered.

Or external to the Practice by contacting the Health and disability officer Telephone:0800112233

Support Person

We offer all patients the right to have a support person during consultations if they wish. You are welcome to bring a support person with you or have a nurse present. Please ask your doctor or Practice nurse.


If English is not your first language feel free to bring a friend or family member to help translate. Sometimes because of the type of problem you want to discuss this is not appropriate – in this case an interpreter can be found either by telephone or to come to your appointment with you. This is much easier to organise before your appointment so please tell us in advance if you would like this service.

Cell Phones: Please turn off your cell phone before your consultation with the Practice Nurse or Doctor. As the waiting area can be busy we ask that you take any phone calls outside the building.

Change of address: It is important to let us know if you change your name, address or phone number.

Community Services Cards: It is important we have the details of your community services.


Health Services

Smoking Cessation: We offer a supportive programme using patches, gum or lozenges if you want to stop smoking. For further advice please speak to a nurse or your Doctor.

Liquid Nitrogen:  This is available every day. You will need to see a Doctor for the initial treatment plan and a nurse or Doctor for subsequent treatments.

Minor Surgery: Minor surgery is carried out at the practice. This includes the removal of moles, skin lesions, small cancers and ingrown toenails. You will need a consultation with your Doctor to discuss if removal is the best option. Appointments for minor surgery cannot be booked online.

Ear Syringing: A doctor will need to check your ears first, we advise you to try using a couple of drops of olive oil into the ear 2 days prior to the ear syringe appointment.